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Yangon-Myanmar 1-2

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

✽Day1 Afternoon, Sunny and Hot✽

We walked out the hotel and toward #South of the City, we pass though a traffic road with a speical #Footbridge which can avoid from the busy roads which are full of motorbikes and cars. After a 10 mins walk we was in the #ChinaTown area which is full of #jewellery store in the two sides of street. Chinese Characters occur frequently in this area and we decided to find a restaurant nearby, have a late lunch and get some rest( its was really hot). Finally we came to a small restaurant named #SmileCurryHouse in #19thStreet.

Footbridge across the busy road
Hawkers on street
Classic building with Chinese style

#SmileCurryHouse is a small restaurant with not many tables, environment is very clean and quiet since when we arrived the restaurant it was already late afternoon. We ordered a fried rice and fried dumplings which is delicious. And we suddenly found that the boss know Mandarin seems he was from Taiwan, he briefly told his story as a Chinese in Myanmar which is very interesting to us.

Location of Smile Curry House:

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