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Yangon-Myanmar 1-1

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

✽Day 1, Sunny and Hot✽

On 12/27, we took the flight from #HongKong International Airport to #Yangon Airport via #MyanmarNationalAirline #UB8028. Flight Duration is around 3hrs 15mins and we arrived #Yangon at 14:30 (GMT+6:30).

Once we arrived #Yangon, we pass though the custom in the airport and it was quite easy and fast, it take around 30mins. Having claimed the Bagauage, we called a taxi by #GRAB application and it Cost around 300,000 Kyat from airport to downtown #Yangoon.

Arrival Hall

It took 45mins from the Airport to Downtown. When we arrived our accommodation at #PanInternationalHotelYangoon, we tidy up ourselves and have some wash, we have to find something to eat since we were really hungry...

Stay tuned I would introduce our first meal in #Myanmar :P

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