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Yangon-Myanmar 1-4

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

✽Day1 Sunset, Sunny and Hot✽

We found a restaurant from #tripadvsior named #BurmaBistro in #MerchantRoad. The location is quite hard to find as the restaurant is on the first floor of the building, and the entrance of the building is quite dark. We had to walk though a staircase which was very dim and light was very weak. It was quite scary when you go up the staircase as you don't know what will come out from the darkness. However, after some steps and turns of the staircase, we finally come to the restaurant which is quite gorgeous front gate which gave us some confidence. We had a look at the menu and made a appointment for our first dinner in Yangoon.

Still have time til our meal, we go out and have a walk near by. We headed north of the city and came to a great pagoda called #SulePagoda. The Pagoda is located in a centre of a round about, you can see the pagoda far far away from different directions. At the north of the Pagoda, there is a square shaded #Footbridge which were full of people. At the time of sunset, there were many young couple taking photos as the sunset view with Pagoda was very stunning. Seems the #Footbridge is kind of landmark of local people, they sitting and chatting there, enjoy the moment of the sunset.

Sule Pagoda from the Footbridge

Firemen play football outside the Firestation

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